Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 4

Got some fun handouts to do which are really cool to practice some C++ material, solved almost all of the them just I got caught in one of them that has Unary expressions with postfix and prefix increments.. not too sure how that one works, I am a bit confused but I will check it out with the professor and see where is my problem at.. 
Also, I am gonna integrate my own blog on my website, I have been doing some research about it and  probably I will ended up using Javascript for it, looks really efficient and fast and the most important simple lol.. I am gonna try to have it done before the school period even tho Im gonna be full with assignments and stuffs like that but I will find some room to work on it.  My only problem with it right now is that I am trying to figured out the layout and design I wanna that will match my website and will still look cool.. So, that what I am working on for now and I will keep you guys posted as soon as an idea comes out.. :)

Week 3

We continue reviewing material from OOP244  and some other C subjects during class to refresh a bit our memories regarding these topics..
On another hand, I started coding my Assignment#1 for Java which is really straight forward and also got creative to practice some C++ material.. lol
Not much interesting for this week :( I will keep you guys posted!! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 2

On this week with did a review on friends, functions pointers, constructor and destructor.. Nothing new again, everything was really straight forward and nothing new yet. Basically was a review in the topics that some students are feeling kinda weak from OOP244 so, he just wanted to reinforce a bit their knowledge in those topics.

Week 1

First week of class was based on introducing the topics and how the subject will be teach throughout the semester, all straight forward. We will be working in teams, using github and Also, an exam was held to see how proficient we were with C++ from OOP244.